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New Linux CDs and Linux Training

We are the only site you will find on-line today that offers such a large selection of Linux CDs and DVDs along with Linux distro specific training materials like Linux training CDs, books, manuals and on-line courses. These Linux training materials have been created and packaged by professionals.
Our newest Linux training resources include:

We Ship US Priority Mail

6 years of shipping Linux CDs has taught us the value of delivering CDs quickly. Our US customers enjoy the speed of US Priority Mail on all orders which typically take 2-3 days for delivery. When your order is processed it will be carefully reviewed, double checked, and shipped within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is our main objective so if you have a question or concern about your order, we're standing by to help.

Linux CDs/DVDs

DSL Linux, FreeBSD and many more distributions are waiting for you to try them out. We also provide Linux distributions package specials like our 12 Pack of Linux CDs and Linux DVDs. These 12 chart topping distributions come on 12 CDs and 6 DVDs.

Linux Books and Manuals

Our Server Management topics include boot process, root user, process management, managing the file system, managing users, managing quotas, managing system logs, managing hard drives, backups, automating actions, updates, networking, remote access with Webmin, VNC or SSH, kernel development, XWindow and server security.

The Server Daemons manual we offer includes topics like the Apache web server, Sendmail, FTP Server, DHCP Server, Samba Server (file server for Windows clients), Network File System Server, Domain Name Server, MySQL Server, PHP, SquirrelMail, Squid Proxy Server, Basic Shell Scripting and more.

The DSL Linux distribution is one of the smallest, most versatile operating systems available. Our 400 page DSL Linux Lab Manual allows you to unleash the power of DSL by bringing you topics like using the live CD, hardware evaluation, hard drive installation, Fluxbox window manager, JWM window manager, the file system, applications, networking a wireless network, secure shell-SSH, setting up a web server, shells, commands, backups, and printing. Plus you can learn how to build a firewall using DSL, building an embedded system, build a Mini-ITX computer, creating a USB boot drive, modify the DSL startup, testing DSL-N, and the Remastering of the DSL CD through the intuitive step-by-step lab projects.

OpenOffice is a powerful, flexible, office suite software that can save you and your business money while bringing advanced, feature-filled applications such as Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (image editing), Web (web page design) and Database. Although OpenOffice is free software you may need to invest some time into learning how the OpenOffice suite works. Assuming your time is valueable, we've created a straight forward easy to read manual to help you along you through the OpenOffice learning experience as quickly as possible. The OpenOffice Manual 278 page downloadable PDF includes 686 images for easy learning.

Beginners often view the Linux terminal as overwhelming but not anymore. EasyLinuxCDs offers the Linux Commands Manual for quick reference while working in the terminal. The Linux Commands Manual provides many different Linux commands, an example of the command being used and a series of projects for practical application. The books covers almost 400 commands and is available as a downloadable PDF.

Linux Online Server Courses

We offer a wide selection of online Linux server courses that help develop Linux server administration skills by providing users access to 1000's of online training pages, a wide variety of Flash movies, quizzes and lab assignments. Some of our popular server skill development courses include Managing the Ubuntu Server, CentOS Server Management, Building Linux Kernels, The Samba Server and more.

Online Store Featured Items

Ubuntu Server Course

The Ubuntu Linux online server course is designed to provide students with a realistic skill set. Students will acquire skills as they study over 500 pages of online text with illustrations, watch Flash Videos with voice, complete practical online tutorials and take online quizzes.



On Sale:


Ubuntu 8.10 Training CD

The Ubuntu Training CD offers a direct approach to learning Ubuntu 8.10 Linux, through 100 Flash Training videos with voice narration.



Ubuntu 8.10 Options

Ubuntu Linux is a complete desktop Linux operating system. Ubuntu version 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is one of the easiest Linux distributions to learn for beginners largely due to the amount of professional and online support available.(CD)

Debian 5.0 Options

Debian GNU/Linux is known for the volunteer basis commitment to provide the best operating system possible. (5 DVDs). Source DVDs (5) Available

Debian 4.0r6 OS and Source DVDs (6 DVDs)

Debian GNU/Linux is known for the volunteer basis commitment to provide the best operating system possible. (6 OS and Source DVDs).



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