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Buy Debian 5.0.5

Buy Debian 5.0.5

Buy Debian 5.0.5

Debian GNU/Linux is known for having superior stability and for the volunteer base that drives it. Debian is easy to install and comes with over 25,000 software packages that are ready for installation. These packages belong to categories spanning from email clients to graphic design apps and everything in between.

Minimum Requirements

Debian hardware requirements follow that of the Linux Kernel and GNU tool-sets. Any architecture or platform which these packages have been ported to and which a Debian port exists, can run Debian.
  • Minimal RAM - 64MB
  • Recommended RAM - 512MB
  • Hard Drive Space - 5GB

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Other Information

Network Install CD - $1.95

Install CDs (4) - $6.95

Install DVDs (5) - $10.95

64 Bit DVDs (5) - $10.95

Source DVDs (5) - $10.95

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