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Backtrack 4 USB Options

Backtrack 4 USB Options

Backtrack 4 USB Options

BackTrack is an Ubuntu-based live USB with many security and forensic tools and is the result of a merger with WHAX and the Auditor Security Collection. BackTrack allows users to customize the distros to include personal scripts, additional tools, customized kernels and more. The newest version includes over 300 security tools and the focus of a future BackTrack release is said to focus on supporting more hardware and on the continued development of Backtrack flexibility and modularity.

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4GB Sandisk USB - $17.95

8GB Sandisk USB - $24.95

4GB Sandisk USB (Backtrack 4 R1) - $17.95

8GB Sandisk USB (Backtrack 4 R1) - $24.95

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Buy BackTrack 4.0

Buy BackTrack 4.0

The BackTrack DVD is an Ubuntu-based distribution with an extremely useful set of security and forensics type tools.



DSL Linux USB Options

DSL Linux USB Options

Damn Small Linux installed onto USB pen drive allowing you to use DSL on any USB boot capable computer. This adds complete mobility to an already versatile Damn Small Linux.

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